Motorsport UK is the controlling body for four wheel motor sport within the UK. It is also recognised as the body appointed by the Department of Transport to regulate motor sport events which need to utilise the public roads in England and Wales.

A Regional Association is an association of Motorsport UK registered motor clubs. An Association is recognised by, and has the full support of Motorsport UK, and exists to represent the interests and views of its member Clubs according to need, within their area of defined responsibility, and in those areas where their member Clubs are active.

Our membership of 6 Regional Associations enables Stockport 061 Motor Club to have direct contact with Motorsport UK Officials and Committee Members in our locality and to access a wealth of accumulated experience across a broad spectrum of motorsport. Membership widens the number of events and Championships in which Stockport 061 Motor Club members can compete. Regional Associations provide a forum for general interaction between Clubs, including discussion on proposed rule changes, development of safety measures, the arbitration of disputes, and the promotion of training.

Stockport 061 Motor Club are members of the following Regional Associations: