JC Motor Services SMC Stages 2016 – Officials

Name Position Contact No. E-Mail
Phil Hesketh Clerk of the Course clerk@smcstages.co.uk
Rob Yates Deputy Clerk of the Course
Stage Commander
07774 741 434 deputyclerk@smcstages.co.uk
Mark Wilkinson Rally Secretary 07879 657 580 secretary@smcstages.co.uk
John Coulson Entries Secretary 07779 492 258 entries@smcstages.co.uk
Ken Wilkinson Chief Marshal 07771 742 692 staffing@smcstages.co.uk
Julian Russell Chief Timekeeper 07808 174 889 clocks@smcstages.co.uk
Andy Chambers Event Safety Officer
Spectator Safety Officer
07891 712 671 safety@smcstages.co.uk
Nancy Russell Club Child Protection Officer 07753 207 323 ccpo@smcstages.co.uk
Ronnie Roberts Chief Scrutineer scrutineer@smcstages.co.uk
Andy Turner Environmental Scrutineer noise@smcstages.co.uk
Bill Wilmer
Gemini Control
Communications Controller communications@smcstages.co.uk
Duncan Littler
Speedsports Photography
Event Photographer   photos@smcstages.co.uk
Ian Maddison
MAD Videos
Event Video   video@smcstages.co.uk