Stockport 061 Motor Club is a limited company with a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who are the clubs directors. Stockport 061 Motor Club has membership of over 100 and holds its Annual General Meeting in April when club members have an opportunity to elect the clubs officials and committee for the following year and to have their say on the running of the club.

If you are interested in joining the Committee in whatever role, no role is too demanding on your time, please speak to any member of the Committee.

The President of Stockport 061 Motor Club is Julian Russell and the Vice President is Brian Stott.

To email all of the Committee

Chairman Ken Wilkinson
Secretary Mark Wilkinson
Treasurer Phil Hesketh
Championship Compiler Keith Miles
Trophies VACANT
Chief Marshal Ken Wilkinson
Membership Secretary Mags Kelly
Social Secretary Rob Yates
Equipment Manager Brian Stott
Marketing VACANT
Committee Member Rick Ekin
Committee Member Martin Self
Committee Member Callum Russell
Committee Member Holly Thompson
Committee Member Oliver Thompson
Safeguarding Officer Nancy Russell